DIRECTED BY Matthew Berkowitz


Country: USA
Language: English

Running Time: 105min
Film Year: 2017
Category: Cinema 360º

MMA aspirant Ty (former NFL running-back Thomas Q. Jones) is spoiling for a fight. He gets more than he bargained for when he takes down an ostensibly undefeatable champion in a sparring match. Ty boasts about it to Victoria (Denise Richards), an sports writer looking for a scoop. Ty and Victoria wind up at her place… and Victoria winds up dead. Did the ferocity that makes Ty formidable in the ring get the better of him in bed?

With its powerhouse cast—Oscar nominee Bruce Davison and Jim Jarmusch regular Isaach De Bankolé also feature—director Matthew Berkowitz’s second outing speaks to the power of film noir to shine a light on the base impulses brewing below our civilized exteriors. Ty’s amiability masks a profound aggression—but does that make him a killer? Or are more methodically corrupt forces at work in this riveting tale of violence and desire?


Friday March 16th @ 9:30pm REGAL 18 ADD TO SCHEDULE


Director: Matthew Berkowitz
Producer: Justin Steele, John Lewis, Orson Oblowitz
Executive Producer: Thomas Q. Jones

Music: Peter G. Adams
Cinematographer: Luke Hanlein
Editor: Matthew Berkowitz, Justin Steele

Cast: Denise Richards, Thomas Q. Jones, Isaac de Bankolé, Chuck Liddell, Bruce Davison

Oldenburg: New Projects From Cristi Puiu, Nicolas Roeg at Co-Production Lounge by matthew berkowitz

Oldenburg: New Projects From Cristi Puiu, Nicolas Roeg at Co-Production Lounge

The German film festival's Matchbox co-production event returns with financing delegations from Luxembourg and Norway.

The Oldenburg Film Festival, Germany's leading international indie fest, is again this year inviting producers and directors to a one-day co-production meet to pitch their latest projects.

Oldenburg to premiere "A VIOLENT MAN" directed by Matthew Bekowitz by matthew berkowitz

Oldenburg Film Festival Unveils First Titles

The 2017 edition will include world premieres of 'A Violent Man,' 'Touched' and 'Bernard & Huey.'

Germany's Oldenburg Film Festival on Tuesday announced the first batch of titles for this year's event, including a handful of world premieres. Among them are A Violent Man, a mixed martial arts-set drama from director Matthew Berkowitz and starring running back turned actor Thomas Q. Jones (Straight Outta Compton) and legendary UFC fighter Chuck Liddell.

How They Did It: Terrorist Marketing Puts Wild in Blue on the Map by matthew berkowitz

When executive producer Felix Lee and I set out to make Wild in Blue, we wanted to make a film that grabbed people’s attention, a film that stood outside the box. Our goal was simple: to stand out in an oversaturated independent movie marketplace. We decided, “The audience cannot be ambivalent about Wild in Blue. Love it or hate it, the audience needs to have an opinion.” The worst thing for a movie is if nobody cares that it exists.